5 Steps to Easy Bulk Poster Printing

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In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, making your poster stand out can seem a daunting task. Getting across an important message on behalf of your company or organization is what a poster is all about, so how do you make sure it does that job effectively? Follow this stress-free guide to bulk poster printing, and take away your fear!

  1. Step back a moment, and take a minute to ponder. Try and sum up in a very short sentence what the message of your poster is. If you find yourself spilling over into a couple or three sentences, you need to distill things down a little more. A poster really should only have a straightforward and simple message. Save the complicated stuff for your booklets, leaflets and flyers!
  2. A poster is a bit like a newspaper headline. It needs to attract attention and draw interest. It’s got to do this while people are walking or driving by, and that’s a tall order! So, you know what? It had better be visually stunning or it might as well not exist. Using a simple yet strong image is the key to this, along with easy-to-read text. Keep text to a minimum. This is about grabbing attention, not giving the definitive version of anything. Realistically, how much information do you suppose the average person can absorb in the five seconds it takes them to drive past or pause in the corridor to glance at your poster?
  3. Here’s one thing you mustn’t miss out from your poster – what do you want people to do next? Buy tickets to your show, pick up the phone and call you or click on your website? OK, you’ve got to let them know what you want them to do, and make sure they’ve got the means to do it. So, tell them where to buy tickets, your phone number or your web address.
  4. How many posters do you see where you’ve struggled to work out who’s bothered to put them up in the first place? Frustrating isn’t it? So, make sure you don’t hide yourself away by clearly indicating who you are. If you’ve got an easily recognizable logo, feature that prominently.
  5. Bulk poster printing is a highly competitive market, and you need to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. Use an experienced and reputable bulk poster printing company, and you should be looking for excellent quality at a low price.

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