5 Reasons To Add Flyer Printing to a Company’s Arsenal

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In tough economic times, the first thing people tend to focus on is “trimming the fat” from the advertising budget. While cuts may definitely be needed in some cases, what many don’t always recognize right away is the fact that businesses cannot afford to stop marketing. It’s difficult to stay afloat if there are no new leads coming in, after all. Even so, there are times when new tactics are needed to get the attention of prospects. Flyer printing is a low-cost advertising technique that’s far more useful than one might initially think:

1. Save Financially

One of the more obvious benefits to using flyer printing is that it’s cheap. Since total costs are usually calculated on a per piece basis and companies avoid paying for paper and ink themselves, it’s a no-lose proposition. Those who are interested in advertising cost-effectively would do well to take advantage of this approach.

2. Stand Apart from Competitors

Commercials, billboards, and catchy jingles definitely have their merits. The only problem is that those techniques are used by pretty much every company. At some point, potential customers become so used to advertisements that they don’t respond to offers that they can actually use. Using flyers and being creative with them can help a business increase its results from flyers.

3. Increase Sphere of Influence

Most people need to see a company more than once before they’ll buy a product or service. Due to financial and time constraints however, it isn’t uncommon to see campaigns shutting down long before they should. By using flyers ahead of time and during the full campaign a company can pre-sell to people. Building a rapport with potential clients goes a long way towards fostering customer loyalty.

4. Experiment with Marketing Concepts

Putting together a successful marketing campaign isn’t an exact science. An idea that looks appealing on paper might not be as effective as hoped and conversely, sometimes the craziest concepts are the ones that catch on. Flyers allow businesses to test out several different approaches at significantly reduced risk. If the marketing team isn’t sure about which direction to take, this is one way to get a feel for what prospects are responding to.

5. Appeal to a Larger Demographic

When it comes to advertising, businesses walk a fine line. On the one hand it’s important to develop personal relationships with potential customers. At the same time however, crafting an advertisement tailored to each and every kind of person would be far too time-consuming. Flyers are useful in “taking the message to the people” but generic enough that a company can appeal to a wider range of individuals.

For companies that have been looking for ways to market creatively, flyers and posters are a viable solution. As a starting point, flyer printing takes the expense out of advertising. It’s an affordable way to make announcements and market, differentiate a company from its competition, gain influence, try out different ideas, and meet people half-way without compromising the business in other areas. Try flyer printing and see the difference this simple but powerful approach can make.

The author has more than 20 years’ worth of experience within the print industry, starting with a small brochure printers firm in Toronto. He now writes for Minuteman Press – a global printing franchise company. Minuteman Press offers printing services such as flyer printing, catalogs and much more.

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