5 Powerful Ways to Sell More to Your Customers by Email

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I love the whole idea of selling by email because it can get results so quickly and effectively. However, having done some research in this area, the most obvious and easily avoidable mistakes are sometimes made. This can be costly for the sales person and the business if the customer or customers don’t buy as a result.

1. The Subject Line is Crucial

One of the best ways to understand great subject lines would be to sign up for commercial offerings on the internet such as diet programmes or health products. If you don’t want to use your main email account, create one specifically for testing. The reason I do this is because I want to see which email subject lines will tempt me to open the mail. Generally, these subject lines can be adapted to another business model by making small adjustments. Some of these companies will have tried and tested subject lines and will have chosen the best. This would be better defined as “piggyback” marketing, where you copy the ideas used by marketing experts who rely heavily on results from such campaigns.

2. Formatting the Email

I know it’s tempting to use lots of graphics and fancy stuff to make your email very attractive but beware of the following issues that you may face as a result of this:

1. It may not be readable by everyone if fonts aren’t standard type or if the graphic format is not universal.
2. It could be interpreted as spam in some cases.
3. Too much colour and information can confuse the reader when they are trying to glance through the message. It will probably look more like advertising in this format than if it were in simple text.

3. Target the Right Audience

It’s so easy to blast out a few emails that it’s almost tempting to do it without too much effort. Come on, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Well, first and foremost, you run the risk that the receiver doesn’t identify with the message and that can be an immediate turn off. What I’m saying here is before you decide to market your wares to prospective customers, make sure what you are offering is specifically targeted at them. It’s true that it costs nothing to send an email but it’s also easy to click the “send to spam folder” too!

4. Short and Sweet

A lot of people just don’t have the attention span to read long emails and that’s why I always try to keep them as short as possible. If you feel that the short email lacks all the relevant information the best solution would be to include a link to your offer page on the website. This is sometimes referred to as the landing page. It’s less aggressive and leads the prospect one step closer towards a purchasing decision.

5. Make your Value Proposition Irresistible

I often get emails with various offers to sell me stuff and I sometimes like to read them to see how much they’ve done their homework and if I can get any ideas from them. One of the major weaknesses that I come across in these emails is the lack of an irresistible Value Proposition. I don’t care if the original price has been slashed by 35% because that means very little to me if I can’t see meaningful value in the solution itself. It’s really important to understand what kind of transformation the customer needs most. If you can press the right emotional buttons, the value proposition suddenly comes to life and closing the sale quickly becomes reality.

Selling by email is really powerful and highly rewarding when you put the work in. It’s really all about choosing the right language in the right doses. In my opinion, the best sales emails make the recipient feel like they are being talked “to” by a person who really understands who they are and what they want.

David Lynch is a Sales Training Designer & Accomplished Author. He has more than 20 years experience in a variety of industries including software, insurance & hospitality. If you would like to learn more sales skills from David you can download a Free Copy of his E-book “25 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling” at http://www.saleswillgrow.com/freesalestraining2.html

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