5 Leadership Skills For Making an Impact on Our Circle of Influence

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Ever wonder how some people have so many friends and other’s don’t have so many? Ever wondered what you could do to attract more people and be a better influence? There are certain techniques we can use to build our relationships, develop our leadership style, and be a great influence on those around us. It’s about our relationship marketing or about how we connect with other in our business, personal or spiritual lives. When we think of developing our inner leader, consider how we treat others, talk to others or show respect within our circle of influence.

Ask yourself, “Do I feel respected?” In developing our leadership skills, perhaps we can find some tips to strengthen our relationship circles or support network.

Kindness – It’s important to be kind even to those we have a difficult time being around and working with on a daily basis. When you have an opportunity to be kind to someone who is a “difficult personality” (you know, those personalities that require a little extra grace), those on the receiving end may tend to be surprised and internally blessed by your kindness. It’s up to us as leaders to be the “bigger person” and not give into being difficult also…top it off with kindness even when it feels tough and like a test of your will.

Lift Up – Lift up others in prayer. Sometimes the easiest way to get along with someone better is to pray for them. Find time to lift them up in prayer even if we don’t know what to pray for. The Bible tells us to pray for our enemies, so whether those around us are our “best friend” or if they really challenge us to the core, we can encourage silently by finding a way to pray for them. If we don’t know what to specifically pray, then we might ask for guidance and wisdom for being a positive impact and encouragement to this person. Lifting someone up in prayer will have an incredible impact in more ways than we can imagine.

Manage Mindsets – Our mind is truly a battlefield. We cannot control the negative thoughts doubts, worries, etc. that come our way, but we CAN control how long those thoughts stay with us and what we do with those thoughts. Think about those around us that always seem positive and happy. Do we really think they have perfect lives that are free of difficulties? Not so much. They just have ways of keeping out of the “dumps” and “funks” of life – Leaders find a way to manage their mindset, and we can too.

Nurturing – Nurturing our circle of influence keeps us connected. Leaders always find a way to stay connected with others. Sometimes the word “nurturing” may come with a “female” connotation, but males can nurture those connections, too. It’s really about finding ways to reach out, stay in touch and support each other. It may only take a phone call, a word of encouragement, a quick email, or a golf game to nurture that relationship. Whatever it takes, step out and make an impact on those around you. Reaching out speaks volumes.

Open-Mindedness –Keep an open mind about different perspectives. Many times we encounter someone we don’t agree with or someone who makes us angry because they want to do it “our way”. It’s important to respect their way of getting the job done. We have to remember that different people have different work styles, different processes and different lenses through which they view life. If we can find a way to see their process and system with a level of curiosity or a level of open-mindedness, we might be able to work though difficulties with a little more ease. Successful Leaders carry a large amount of respect for differing styles even when they don’t agree with where we stand. Of course, there may be certain situations where open-mindedness isn’t always possible, but a discerning leader will be able to know when to step back and allow a little freedom.

Hopefully, we can each adapt some of these ABC’s to our own relationships and begin to strengthen the impact we’re making on those around us. There is an inner leader in each of us and it’s important to grow and tweak our leadership skills, so we can set a great example for those we influence.

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