5 Items to Discuss With Your Envelope Printer

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While printing is thought of as a fairly straightforward process, it can be difficult for a printer to capture your exact design specifications accurately, if you do not communicate them effectively. But by putting forth effort to communicate effectively with your printer, these problems are easily avoidable. Whenever you are printing envelopes, it is critical that you spend some time discussing a few important issues with your envelope printer. By covering these five items, you will make sure that your envelopes are printed accurately, on-time, and to your satisfaction.

1. What types of envelopes are available?

By asking what types of envelopes the printer is able to print, and requesting to see templates, you can more effectively communicate what type of product you need as well as perfect your envelope design. It is entirely possible that the printer does not carry the type of envelope you have in mind. By asking this question ahead of time, you can avoid printing the wrong kind of envelope and clarify any potential confusion. Moreover, free templates will help you test the size and shape of the envelope to make sure your design will fit properly.

2. What custom options do you offer?

No two printers are alike, and many offer a wide and disparate variety of ink and paper materials to create the unique, visually interesting product you have in mind. Ask what paper materials and weights they offer with respect to envelopes. Ask about the different types of inks they can use in printing a large volume of envelopes, such as gloss, metallic, or full color printing.

3. Do you offer discounts for quantity?

Whether these envelopes will house wedding invitations or custom marketing materials, chances are you will need to order a lot of them. When this is the case, you can often negotiate discounts for ordering a large volume of printed materials. See if your printer will extend discounts for large volumes of envelopes or other materials so that you can get the best deal on printing services. A good printing company will work with your budget to give you the most envelopes for your money.

4. Can you provide a printed sample?

Having your printer create a free sample allows you to see what your finished product will ultimately look like. In essence, this helps you determine if the printer can print what you want accurately, or if you need to make any changes to your order. A good printer will be more than happy to offer a free sample, if only to make sure that he or she fully understands your wants and needs.

5. Do you offer guarantees or re-prints?

Ask your printer about what guarantees they have against their products and services. This helps you rest easier knowing that should an error occur while communicating with your printer, or during actual printing, you can have the items reprinted or get a full refund on your order. A guarantee is also an indicator that the printer is confident in his or her ability to offer quality products and friendly service, which is an ideal quality to look for when deciding between multiple printers.

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