5 Indicators That Your Employee Team Has More Noise Than Focus

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Noise is when it seems to you-or to anyone-that constructive work is going on, but at the bottom of it all, it is all a hollow turbulence that doesn’t do anything productive for anyone. We have seen this happening in some of the largest corporate establishments today. On the face of it, any outsider might feel impressed by the professionalism of the establishment, but little do they know that all that external buzz is just a disorganized faade, put up with the intention of covering their lack of productive work.

The biggest problem with noise in a business team is that you don’t understand it exists. Noise can camouflage itself and appear to be a high degree of activity. You could be misled into believing that work is actually happening until it is too late. That is all the more reason why you should find out if noise exists right at the start and snub it out.

These are the five indicators that can tell you your team is full of noise and there is no focus among the members.

  1. A team that makes a lot of noise will be quite unclear about the basic objectives that it is supposed to chase. You could ask them-test them rather-about their knowledge of these main goals. If they don’t know even the top three objectives clearly, then this team is of no productive use at the moment.
  2. The second indicator is whether your team is aware of the kind of progress that it is making towards realizing those goals, however small it might be. Every person on a team should be aware of what’s happening with the team as a whole.
  3. A team that is easily distracted will definitely not be fruitful to you. This is a very good way to determine that your team lacks focus.
  4. If you find that your team is using its energies in areas that are outside the main goal fulfillment that has been set in front of them, then you are dealing with a disorganized team. You need to quickly put things in order.
  5. Check your team in terms of their commitment levels. If you find that their commitment is lacking, you need them to tighten their belts.

Noise can corrode a team from within. The external impression of a lot of activity is quite detrimental, because it keeps real goal achievement away. Snub out such elements when you still have time, or your entire team could pass into oblivion.

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