5 Great Ways Movers Can Use Yard Signs

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For moving companies, advertising is key to the success of the business. Potential customers have to know you’re available when they need help moving, so it’s important that your business information is as visible as possible. While you’re potential target market is quite large (everybody moves at some point), you’ll likely have more success if you seek out targeted markets that you know will need your assistance. Reaching these markets can be very affordable if you use yard signs.

  1. Colleges and Universities-At least twice a year, every college or university will have lots of its students moving in-and-out of the dorms. While some schools have a set moving crew, many don’t, and this is a great opportunity to increase your business. Post signs around campus (with university permission, of course) letting students know that you can help them move. It’s a stressful time for families, so many would rather pay you to help move than do it themselves.
  2. Apartment Complexes-Another place with lots of people moving is apartment complexes. Talk to landlords in your area and set-up a referral agreement. Post lawn signs around the property so that new residents (or residents who are leaving) will see that you can help them with moving. Many property managers will appreciate this because you are more-efficient than the residents moving on their own.
  3. New Office Buildings-When a new office building is being built, display yard signs around the facility letting the new companies know that you can help them with moving all of their furniture and equipment. Unless the company is small, they probably won’t be able to do all of the moving themselves, nor will they have the equipment needed.
  4. Identify Old/New Residences-Another useful way to incorporate yard signs into your business is to use them to identify your client’s old and new residences. This means that before the actual move you place yard signs as a marker in front of each home or office so that your movers can easily recognize where they are going. This speeds up the moving process and reduces confusion. Keep an inventory of these signs on-hand-they’re inexpensive and easy-to-replace if necessary.
  5. Sort Client Belongings-If your client has a lot of fragile items or oddly-shaped belongings that require special attention, you may need lawn signs for easy sorting. By creating groups of fragile items, heavy items, etc., your movers will be more-prepared to pack the trucks properly. This builds your credibility and improves your reputation as it shows your client that you are capable and prepared.

Since you’re always on the move, yard signs are an effective way to advertise as they can be taken with you wherever you go. Create a bold, recognizable design that will make your company stand out, and start advertising at every move to catch the eye of potential new customers.

Michael Allen works as a Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with both large companies and small local businesses for over 20 years. His vast experience in the field of marketing positions him as an expert in helping businesses expand by using marketing tactics.

As a seasoned expert in Marketing and Branding, Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the use of custom signs. In his articles, he covers tips and techniques for the effective use of window signs, lawn signs, and car signs.

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