5 Great Ways Daycares Can Use Yard Signs

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Daycare owners generally don’t have to do much in terms of marketing. Word-of-mouth and referrals do most of the work for you and keep your classes full. Nevertheless, it’s important to do some sort of advertising to make sure you’re reaching as many new families and new students as possible. Using yard signs can be very effective for daycares– here are some great suggestions for ways to use this affordable and versatile sign product.

  1. Identification– Many daycares are run out of other buildings (such as a church) or even a personal home, so it’s important that you display a sign that lets students and their parents know where your office is located. This should be a more-permanent sign, so order a metal yard sign and frame it for long-lasting use.
  2. Enrollment– When your daycare is enrolling new students, mount a large yard sign in front of your office letting the neighborhood know. Since this is reoccurring, you’ll be able to store your sign and use it again during the next enrollment period. Signs are very visible and will get lots of attention, bringing in new students.
  3. Holiday Hours– Occasionally your daycare hours will change, especially during the holidays. Your students’ parents need to know of these changes, and rather than taping a sign up on the office door (which looks unprofessional and is hard to notice), mount yard signs around your daycare making everyone aware of the temporary adjustment to the hours.
  4. School Events– Promote your school events using yard signs around your building. These can also be reused for reoccurring events like class promotion, graduation, and holiday parties. By showing the events you offer, not only are you informing the current students, but you’re also attracting new ones.
  5. Parking Directionals– Every daycare needs a good variety of directional signs. Whether these are reserved parking signs which denote special spaces for teachers or the director, or even just signs that show visitors where they are allowed to park, these signs help make your parking lot safer and easier-to-navigate. Also have signs posted at crosswalks or areas where your students travel so that drivers are aware to be on the lookout for little ones. Use long-lasting aluminum signs mounted on sign posts for all of these messages.

As you can see, ordering lawn signs can be very useful for daycares. With proper care and maintenance, many of these signs will be a one-time expense, so while the initial cost may be significant, they will pay off very quickly.

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