5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Drive Sales Through the Roof

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1. Don’t mistake email marketing with conventional sales letter writing because they are two entirely different techniques. You’ve got to realise that email marketing is much more immediate than a letter you receive in the post. You literally have seconds to capture the customer’s attention. The most important difference is the subject line. Spend lots of time getting them right. You can lose a lot of potential sales by having a weak subject line.

2. Don’t make your email any longer than 4-500 hundred words. The length of the email is extremely important because research has shown that people see a long email and postpone reading it. This often means that they will go on to something else and completely forget about it. Create a structure within the short email so that you still have all the necessary components, like introduction, body and closing paragraph. Remember that you can place a link at the end of the email that brings the customer to a more detailed page, because at this stage they are already pre-sold.

3. It’s often better to send a 100 emails that are more personalised to the individual customer than a 1000 really generic emails that could be targeted at a much larger group of people. If something doesn’t click inside the person’s head telling them that this is exactly what they were looking for, you are in trouble. One of the things I love about email marketing is the fact that you can split your campaigns into different groups, with slightly different, more individually tailored offers. This precision marketing gives you a much greater chance of connecting with the prospect or client.

4. Build the momentum like you would in a story. This basically means that you need to create excitement and anticipation in the email. This is very important in email marketing because everything is so immediate with this selling format. A physical letter can be placed on a table to be reviewed again a couple of hours later. If you can stir emotions in email marketing you are nearly always onto something really good.

5. Always say what you are offering from the very beginning. I hate to receive emails where they try to sneakily sell me something without mentioning what they are offering until the very last moment. You will see this method used a lot in poor quality websites selling low quality ebooks or information. Keep away from this method because it doesn’t work well for your short and long-term reputation.

These are five really great ways to get more sales from your email marketing. If you want more powerful sales strategies please click below and start with a copy of my free ebook.

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