4 Things Emotionally Intelligent Managers Keep Doing

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Your job, organizational power and influence and sense of joy depend on you doing these four simple actions, consistently, persistently, and with a sense of pride in your craft.

Managing other people is not easy only if you have not put the time and effort into developing your emotional intelligence. I don’t know about you but I have a difficult enough time managing myself. Bring 3 – 20 cooks into the kitchen and things get really wild.

So here are 4 things that demonstrate that you have the level of emotional intelligence required to reduce the chaos, create respect and have your employees wanting to work with, and cooperate with you.

1. Always respect and acknowledge your employees.

Herb Kelleher was a master at this. He walked the halls, visited people in all the operations, greeted them with a kind hello, a shake of the hand with direct, soft eye contact. He disciplined people in a helpful, encouraging and tough way. Be direct. Be honest. Let people know you want them to get and feel better about themselves.

“Never, ever criticize a person. It is a demeaning and hostile personal attack.”

Corrective feedback helps the person improve.

2. Always combine the emotional and the rational.

Managers — like everyone else — are under a lot of stress. Things do get emotional. Use your emotions in the service of firing up employees’ passions but temper the delivery by appealing to the rational by outlining the rationale for your conversation.

3. Spread the credit like peanut butter.

Always give the credit to your team. Also, identify individuals who have done good things. Encourage everyone to do the same. On the other side of the coin make sure everyone on the team holds each other accountable. A leader’s job first and foremost is to help every individual to do his/her best which leverages the power of the team. It also creates a great team spirit.

4. Only make promises you can keep.

Integrity and candor is always the best policy for managing people into greatness. Expect team players to do the same. Hold everyone as able. Are you willing and able to cultivate the right people, in the right places, doing the right things to become the proud, accomplished employees they want to be?

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