4 Steps – What To Say To Your Prospects Over The Phone

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Prospecting Over Phone

Have you ever called a prospect excited and confident that the call would go well? You might of even been thinking, “I’m going to close this one!” To your surprise the words you wanted to express just didn’t come out right. This happens to the majority of us when we start out in the network marketing business. No need to fear! There is a solution to every problem. Take it step by step. Network marketing is not rocket science!

Step 1: Calling The Prospect

Introduce yourself, “Hi, this is Jacob Cruz.”

Ask for their name.

Say, “How are you doing today?”

*Remember to sound enthusiastic but not overly.

Step 2: The Conversation

Identify the reason you’re calling.

You can say, “What specifically were you trying to get from me? When you opted-in to my page.”

Listen to prospect’s problems or challenges, so you can provide a solution.

Always digger deeper into the prospect and ask “WHY?” they are having such problems or issues.

You must be a leader and act like a mentor not a salesperson.

Don’t talk about how your system works, but rather focus on the prospect’s challenges.

Step 3: Be Ready For Rejection

Knowing What To Say To Is Essential!

When they are unsure, ASK for their permission if you can guide them. Make sure they agree, so they don’t waste your time.

You can say, “How can I help you?”, “How can I guide you?”, or “Are you just resisting because your are afraid of commitment?”

You can tell them, “How bad do you really want this?”,”What are your reasons for this doing”, “Don’t you want provide a better future for your family”

Remind them of the reasons why they are doing it. By asking questions your are leading and mentoring. Therefore, making the person dig deep into oneself.

Step 4: Direct Prospect & Follow Up

Since your prospects see you as a leader, you must lead your prospects with specific instructions.

Make sure they have seen all the material needed to see. This is so when you have a conversation, your prospects knows what you’re taking about.

If your prospect has not seen the material, ask him or her to see it. Then you appoint a time to call back. (Set two different times)

Always let them know you will call them back at a specified time.

If your prospects seems ready to go. Prospect says, “I’m really interested, how can I do this?”

You take the initiative and you guide them through the sign up process.

Don’t let your head and fear get in the way of directing your prospects to the signup process.

If you don’t sign your prospect. SOMEONE ELSE WILL!

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