4 Critical Manager Duties in Your Dollar Store Business

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If you are about to open a dollar store business, one of your goals is undoubtedly growth. As your store grows it’s likely you’ll find your responsibilities grow beyond what can be comfortably done in a day. In fact, you may find that by trying to handle so much you are actually limiting the growth of your business. It’s then that you realize you need to add help in the daily management if the operation. In fact, by carefully developing the job description and then finding a person with competencies that match your needs, you can propel your business forward to new heights of performance. In this article I present 4 critical manager duties in your dollar store business.

1) Be a role model of the organization’s values and expectations. It’s extremely important that every leader in the organization not only knows, but also clearly understands and role model the core values of your dollar store business. As leaders model your values, it underscore for all employees not only how important they are, but also how to apply them in their day-to-day work. The same holds true for the general expectations you’ve established for employees across the organization.

2) Be a leader of the organization. Your store manager must stand as a leader in the business. That doesn’t mean you want someone who barks orders like a drill sergeant to all of your employees. What it does mean is to lead by example. It means your store manager provides feedback for a job well done. It means they are there to help whenever there is a problem.

3) Be the trainer of choice for all operational tasks. Expect your store manager to have a good grasp of every task performed within their realm of control. They should be capable cashiers, accurate merchandise receivers and stock workers. Then, as new employees enter the organization, they are able to provide training. They are also close enough to everything that they can recognize when there are issues and quickly work to get them resolved.

4) Be ready, willing and able to cover owner absences. As the owner of your dollar store business your current thoughts might be that you will not take a vacation or spend time off doing non-business activities. Once your business is up and running, put that notion aside. Train your store manager to capably handle the critical tasks you handle yourself. Position yourself to take time away from the business without worry. You need to be able to relax and know you have the right person at the helm and all will operate just fine during your absence.

To your dollar store business success!

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