4 Brilliant Ways to Sell More by Email

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Selling by email is very exciting if you can get it right. I know it can take a lot of tweaking if your inexperienced, but I should be able to help you on that one. So let’s not waste any more time as I’m now going to give you 4 ways to sell more by email:

1. Spend 30% or more of the time allocated for writing the email on the subject line alone. The reason I say this is because too many marketers underestimate this part of email selling. You need to brainstorm and test, and then you need to test again. I suggest you create a free email account for the sole purpose of receiving junk mail. Yes, you want to receive as much junk mail as you can possibly get. Then you start reading the subject lines. Which ones grab your attention? Now do you get what I mean?

2. Start your email with a curious story about something you experienced recently. Make it short but very curious. This technique creates a nice sense of familiarity and really warms the conversation up. After this paragraph you go straight into your sales letter as if nothing happened. This one has worked very effectively for me, especially if I introduce something funny and curious. People love to hear unusual stories, especially when something disastrous happens to someone else other than themselves. Sounds terrible but it’s true.

3. Make the email feel very personal. I read a lot of marketing emails as you can imagine and I often notice that it seems that the email isn’t directed at me. It feels like the message is aimed at a large audience. When you get this impression, it weakens the rapport and puts up a little wall between you and the seller. This can be easily rectified by talking to someone and not at them. You do this by imagining that you are talking to an individual rather than a group of people. Writers make this obvious mistake because it’s much more instinctive to write to a group of people when you are actually writing to a group of people.

4. Last but not least, close your email with a firm and confident call to action. I also get a lot of emails that start really well, only to end with a half whispered call to action. People are hard-wired to avoid humiliation and defeat. That’s why email marketers have the same problem that sales people have to deal with: Fear of rejection! I just say to anyone with this problem, “This is not a problem, you are the problem.”

Start tweaking now and watch those sales come in, it’s not that hard if you give it more thought. Please click below and download a copy of my Free ebook. It’s full of useful selling tips to help you reach your goals.

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