3 Tips to Increasing Sales

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No matter what your business is, you have a chance to enhance your relationship with your clients through email marketing.

Whether you are running a blog or a real Brick and Mortar company, email marketing could benefit your business by enhancing that relationship.

Here are the three ways to use email marketing:

Tip #1 Create a Newsletter

The first way to connect with your clients and keep them thinking about your business is to create a newsletter with valuable content that is informative and related to what you are selling.

Follow up with a call to your top customers and keep asking them what they think about your newsletter and how you can improve.

For example, for my blog, I send a collection of all the new articles that are published on my website to my email subscribers so that they are continuously updated with what I have posted online.

For an IT business you could research and collect reports, white papers, product comparisons that you can send to your list. This will provide technological information that helps them do their job better.

Another way to connect with clients is to send them information about how to use products you are selling. Many food companies send recipe information to their clients on different ways they can use their products to create delicious meals.

The idea is to send your customers information products that benefit them in some way. Your customers will appreciate your support and will be more willing to buy from you in the future.

Tip #2 Create Offers

Creating Special Offers exclusive to your current customers is an excellent way to improve loyalty.

The idea is to make your customers feel that they have gained something by buying from you before and that they receive benefits for being your loyal customers by getting these new exclusive offers.

Tip #3 Resell

Once you have created an offer and have sold to your customers – sell to them again while they are on a roll.

If your customers buy a product from you a second time, then they already trust you and trust your products, then there is nothing left to do except to buy additional products and services from you right away.

As soon as they make the purchase, reward them by giving them an additional offer that is only available to them because they just bought from you.


Once you get good customers, keep them connected through information products, make them offers for new products, and if they buy, ensure you have a follow-up sell right after the previous purchase. You can also create VIP status for your newly created repeat buyers who are true to you and your business.

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