3 Quick Website Branding Tips You Can Implement Immediately

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Your website plays a star role in your branding, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by it, implement these three simple tips that will realign your online “home” and brand image with your brand as a whole…

Create an on-brand look and feel

Not only does your website need to speak clearly and directly to your ideal prospects, it also needs to be your most devoted brand ambassador. In terms of colors, contrasts, shapes, style, energy, organization, copy versus graphics ratio, content and whatever else you can think of when if comes to online real estate, the image your website projects and the emotions it evokes must be a faithful reflection of your brand, including its message, personality, values, and more. Think of your website as a crucial first taste of the brand journey you’re inviting your audience on – what experience would you like them to have? What will turn them into raving fans from the get-go?

Tell your brand story

People are attracted to stories, especially when they can relate to them. Stories are catchy, easy to remember, and exciting to tell, and as such, an excellent branding tool. Make sure to craft a compelling brand story, feature it on your About and Media pages, and then intertwine it into your Home page presentation, your sales letters, videos, audios, and articles. Your audience is eager to learn where your business – and you as the CEO come from, what you stand for, where you’re going, and what is your brand’s big “why”. Once they’ll know the story, they’ll connect with your brand much faster and on a much deeper level.

Focus your blog content

You might be multi-passionate and an expert in many different topics, but a blog with no common thread can do you more harm than good. You want your website visitors to instantly understand what you specialize in, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by picking one to three specific topics (e.g. money, branding, marketing) within a broader area of expertise (e.g. business growth, career advancement), or a particular – possibly slightly controversial – “angle” of approaching a certain area of expertise, rigorously speaking your brand’s authentic voice even when it means it goes against the current paradigm. You want to lead with attention-grabbing, memorable and invaluable information your ideal clients crave; you can always bring all the other pieces of your vast expertise into the picture once you start working with them.

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