3 Goals of Your Target Marketing Plan That Will Get the Sale

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I have always been impressed with those entrepreneurs who knew how to assist their prospects with the intelligence of understanding and caring about their prospective clients and make clear the solution to getting their problems solved.

— These pros come across as not just looking for a sale.

Your prospect must always be the star of the show. Understanding the feelings, thoughts, and motives and putting yourself into your prospect’s shoes is at the center of target marketing.

You can develop the skill of contacting and guiding your clients to what they want. When you do that, you will start getting the sales.

– Figure it out – how are you losing prospects – you know the feeling, so why is it happening?
— Think about this…Are you just not feeling your client – You need to be on the same path as your client.
Or, you may be losing prospects by not following through well enough. If so, shorten your response time on initial contacts and get a system of contacting your prospects on a regular basis.

Focus on understanding, knowing what your target audience wants and who they are – feel this! And know your competitors. Knowledge is power, but too much information without structure is just confusing.

The goals of your marketing strategy are to:

1. There really is no set formula for assessing your target market situation. Important questions to ask yourself:
a. Who is your market?
b. What do they need?
c. What is their pain?
d. What is your solution?
e. What are they feeling – how can you feel that, also?
f. How can you help pull that feeling out of them and talk about the solution?

The pain that your product creation removes starts to answer the questions about how you compare with the competition.

2. Understand your position – your market – your target audience; what are the demographics and how will you reach your target audience.
— Study your competitors – How does your product / service compare with the competition?
— Maximize the power of the Internet. Remember that your competitors’ consumers are your consumers. Look to identify a specific knowledge gap, and learn how you can develop products or services to fill that gap – if this is what your target wants, then solve their problem. When you do this you will also be creating consumer loyalty.

Competitive study – Understanding your competitors is key to understanding how to best compete in the marketplace. It can help develop your strategy and enhance the efficiency of marketing plans.

Align your marketing strategy with that information, and assess how you’ll use your marketing tools to carry out your strategy.

3. To come up with a successful marketing strategy – You need to include information about:
– Where is there a gap in the information that can be helpful to your own targeted audience? What can you do / offer, that your competitors don’t?
– Evaluate their promotion. What are they using: blogs, Social Media, article and email marketing?
– What products or services are they offering and what price range.
– Understand your competitors objectives and strategies.

When you study your competition, you will start to understand your own target audience.

It is easy to forget that, ultimately, THE CONSUMER IS KING.

Feeling your target audience’s problems and finding the solutions – this is at the heart of marketing. You challenge is learning where the ‘sweet spot’ is, your target’s need / pain and the solution, then communicating it to others.

So, get started immediately looking at sites that are similar to what you offer. Jot down ideas and make your strategies start working for you. Understanding will get you the sales.
Talk with your business coach to help you discover the path to feeling your target audience’s needs and solutions.

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