3 Fundamental Principles of a Logo Design

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Logo serves as a business representative. If it can’t portray the purpose what the business stands for; then it won’t worth a single dime or pence. Therefore, an effective logo is the one that portrays good image of a business to its audience. According to professional designers:

“Logos that follow 3 essential principles of logo designing are supposed to be efficient”.

Here are the 3 principles that a corporate logo design must follow:

1st Principle:

Keep It Simple, Stupid! (KISS):Simplicity helps logos a lot to be recognized and accepted by customers throughout the market. Even the famous brands such as “IBM” and”Apple” prefer a logo which is based on the KISS principle.

2nd Principle:

Psychology of Colors:The psychology of colors in a logo designing process is based on the following points:

i. The colors should reflect what the business is all about. For e.g. Banks usually involve the color “BLUE” to depict trustworthiness.

ii. Primary colors are used most often than the secondary colors.

iii. Color balance is decided on the basis of saturation.

3rd Principle:

Tractability:The principle of tractability must be followed. The logo should appear the same as it appears on the gray scale. Even altering its size should not alter effectiveness of a its design.

Have you ever wondered why some brands succeed & some fail in the international market? Brands which follow the 3 essential principles of a logo design get phenomenal success and those who don’t follow remain ineffective in the market. In short, business logos should satisfy the 3 principles of logo designing to stand out in the market.

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