3 Essentials for Writing Marketing Content That Increases Sales

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Look at those three essentials as the writer’s need to wear three different hats. Actually, three very specific hats. The first we’ll label ‘The Viewer.’ That’s singular, not plural because The Viewer is that one person which you as a content writer want to focus on and motivate…to visit the website, listen to the commercial or read the ad for which you’re about to write content.

The Viewer will embody all the attributes of the larger audience you hope to reach and convince…age range, gender, education, marital status, household income, etc. Attributes may also include what The Viewer drives, wears, eats and more, depending on what you’re marketing. Mentally become that viewer before you write anything to motivate him or her.

Let’s call your second hat ‘The Writer,’ shall we? That’s the hat you’ll don before putting any words on paper, words you hope will convince The Viewer to buy what you’ve been asked to sell. Your essential first step as The Writer is to learn all there is to know about the product, service or cause you’ll put into words…its benefits, its features, how and where it’s made, how long it’ll likely last. Everything!

Then the real joy begins for The Writer! Tickle your keyboard. Let your words flow. Capture any and every thought that comes to your mind about that product, service or cause you’re about to describe. Don’t worry about typos. Now’s not the time. Don’t worry about grammar. Your English teacher won’t be reading this assignment.

Follow the motto I do: “Even if it is crud, just capture it on the page.” Today your “page” is likely a computer screen. But I believe in those words. In fact, my favorite sweatshirt has those words appearing below an old manual Underwood typewriter…but with a different C-word in place of “crud.”

Your third hat is the one you’ll likely wear the longest. Why? Because it’s the hat of ‘The Editor.’ Only by carefully editing that outpouring of words you put together earlier are any remaining words likely to motivate The Viewer. You’ll replace many words with others that are more powerful, more motivating, more inviting. You may end up deleting entire sentences, even paragraphs – that ‘crud’ mentioned earlier. Oh, and also correct your typos and bad grammar, please.

As The Editor, you may find yourself devoting several more hours to rearranging those words you produced in the previous hour. But at the end of this 3-hat process you will have created the most effective words you can assemble to meet the expectations of the people counting on you for their content. Content writing for any marketing effort is as simple – or as complex – as carefully blending precise words, words with the collective ability to generate sales.

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