Act Like a Top Producer – Become a Top Producer

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Do you ever wish your business were better or that you could snap your fingers and have everything be ‘just perfect’? I know I do. I recently came across an interesting term and thought I’d ponder it today in the form of a newsletter article for you. The term is: “Act Your (read on...)

101 Marketing Strategies – the 4 Keys to Getting Started Marketing Your Small Business

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In 101 marketing strategies there are 4 essential keys to getting started marketing your small business. You may already possess some of them and you may need to work on developing a few of them as well. Most of us won’t start out at a complete disadvantage. And, it is important to note, (read on...)

Self Concept and Sales Success

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I looked everywhere for the enemy, to the north, south, east and west and…finally I found that the enemy was within-a-me!” – Willie Jolley THE MAN IN THE MIRROR Self-concept is like looking into a mirror and seeing an image (an inner-image) that will eventually manifest in the (read on...)

The 3 Cs of Personal Branding That Will Have Qualified Leads Flocking to You

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Although the term personal branding is new, the concept behind it harkens back to the days when a man’s word was his bond and deals were sealed with a handshake. Back then, your reputation determined whether you were a phenomenal success or a dismal failure and people would die fighting for (read on...)

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