Self Branding – 4 Stress-Free Ways to Build Your Brand on Twitter

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Twitter is a well-recognized micro-blogging platform that continues to connect people around the world.  It’s amazing to connect with business prospects and social buddies all in the same place.  However, to get the most out of twitter from a branding perspective, here are a few (read on...)

Neon Signs Can Attract Small Businesses

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Many people are confused as to which form of advertising will work for their firm. Small businesses can advertise through periodicals, phone book ads to radios and TV pitches. Small businesses spend lot of money so that potential new customers know they are ready for the business and what type of (read on...)

The Role Awards Indicators Play in Developing an Award System

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There are so many companies questioning the need to shell out awards and benefits for their employees. This is entirely understandable because of the global economic meltdown that virtually all companies around the world are going through. However, it is actually more important to shell out (read on...)

What Not to Say When Selling High End Interior Design Jobs

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If you think that selling a high-end client or job means that you need to sell harder, you are wrong. The truth is, I find that it is actually easier to sell high-end clients than lower-end ones. Why would that be? High-end clients already know that they can’t solve the problem on their (read on...)

Print Your Message and Promote

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Product promotion has become the order of the day. There are various steps involved in bringing a product from its factory to the consumer. Marketing is one such step. Various marketing techniques have so far been adopted by entrepreneurs. In earlier times marketing was done through: * Display of (read on...)

Things to Expect From a Logo Design Firm

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Your sales might have dropped down, your company is going through a makeover, or your brand has lost its erstwhile appeal. Whatever the reasons be, one thing is for sure- your company logo is making your unhappy and it needs to be re-touched. However, before finalizing a logo designer, here are (read on...)