Poster Prints As Promotional Tools For Parks

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Maintaining and promoting the use of a small community or neighborhood park can be challenging. When the town budget is limited and private support is absent, park maintenance officials need to come up with creative ways to generate income and promote the park’s facilities. A more (read on...)

Debunking Some Misconceptions About Six Sigma

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Unfortunately, there are many rumors out there regarding Six Sigma and its applications. Let’s take a look at the most common. %26bull; Six Sigma is a Quality Management Initiative: Most people who work on Six Sigma believe this myth came out of South Africa. It is likely that those (read on...)

How to Reach More Prospects

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There are three guys at a restaurant and one of them has a wallet full of cash. Another has a gift card and the third one has traveler’s checks. If you own the restaurant, you will serve all of the clients and accept payment in each of the ways they have. You have to, if you want to be (read on...)

Different Types of Logos

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A logo is a symbol or an identification mark that conveys name, identity, type or ownership of your business or name. The main aim of a logo is to educe recognition. The logo works as a medium to communicate your desired views and to get a positive response. A well-thought and well designed logo (read on...)

Five Great Reasons to Continue Marketing During Tough Times!

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In a recent Internet blog, one person asked a truly important question that I’d like to address, here: “Does it make sense to continue marketing during a recession?” He went on to explain: “If no one is buying at the moment, why keep marketing? There’s no sense (read on...)

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