Increase Sales – A Little Sales Secret

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There’s a little secret when it comes to sales whether you’re a sales representative working for a large company, entrepreneur, or small business owner. This little secret foils more sales people than you can count. It also causes more sales failures than anything else. The secret is (read on...)

Marketing Trends For 2009

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What will be remembered from 2008? Unfortunately it will be remembered as a year of ever increasing economic crisis. The online world coming out of its own “dot bomb” period at the start of the decade has gone on from strength to strength; this is hopefully what will happen to the (read on...)

Truth Vs Fiction – What’s Your Management Style?

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Can your ego allow you to consistently share the truth with your employees? Are you secure enough in your own skin to be able to let people know bad news in a timely manner without sugar coating it? Do you trust yourself and your employees enough that you can be vulnerable and honest about your (read on...)

Promotional Towels – Beyond Necessity

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Personalized towels are a basic need in the hotel and resort industry. In this age of recession, when the hotels and resorts are cutting down on amenities to keep costs manageable, newly laundered promotional towels, lavender-scented pillows, the softest bed, and the warmest blankets are some of (read on...)

Some Pointers on Writing a Headline

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Just about any sales message, whether in print or on-line needs a headline-a good one. Let’s face it, the headline of your sales message is responsible for up to 80% of the response from that sales message. Hence, the success or failure of most marketing efforts rests very much on the power (read on...)

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