10 Ways to Get Better Results From Your Printed Flyers

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1) Quantity. Most people start off by printing too few flyers. It is a simple mathematical fact that the more you print and distribute, the bigger your response will be. Think in thousands, not hundreds. Printing bigger quantities also reduces the cost per flyer.

2) Quality. Don’t compromise on quality. You only get one chance to make a first impression. The quality of your flyer says everything about the quality of your business. Print your flyers in full colour on at least a 115 gram glossy paper.

3) Product. Before you waste your children’s inheritance on your next big idea, make sure that there is a market for your product. No amount of marketing will turn a bad idea or product into a great business.

4) Price. Make sure that what you’re offering is a good deal. If your price is not great then shift focus onto your service. People don’t always buy on price, but they always want good service.

5) Appeal. Your flyer must appeal to your target market. Bright colours should be used for exciting new products but should be avoided when selling finance or life insurance. You get the idea. Use one or two good quality pictures, they are more effective than a thousand words.

6) Design. Don’t try to cut costs by designing your flyer yourself unless you are a graphic designer by trade. Use a talented designer to do the work, but make sure they keep to your guidelines. Graphic designers tend to get caught up in the design and often don’t get the message across.

7) Simplicity. Too much information confuses people. Keep your flyer simple, easy to read and to the point. Use fewer well chosen words. You only have a few seconds to grab a person’s attention. If people want to know more about your product they will ask.

8) Focus. Keep the main focus on what you’re selling. Don’t get carried away with details about your company, product specifications, etc.

9) Contact details. You must be easy to contact. Make sure you have more than one way of being contacted and that your reply is prompt.

10) Distribution. Printing flyers is only half the job. Good quality distribution is vital to the success of your flyers. Plan your distribution before you print your flyers. The post office will put your flyers in PO Boxes for a minimal fee. This limits your personal work and makes sure that every flyer gets out there.

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