10 Things To Consider When Reprinting Your Brochure

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Many businesses promote their services with a 3 fold A4 brochure. I know it is easy to just reprint your existing brochure – particularly when you are in a hurry! Plan ahead and before you run out next time, consider the following thoughts:

  1. Ask 10 business people you know to review your current brochure and compare their comments. Ask them to view it as if they were a potential new customer to your business. Explain you are looking for their constructive feedback – what impression the brochure gives, does it display your product/services well, does it describe your product/services well. If more than 4 suggest changes to the layout or content of your brochure – that tells you it is time to refresh.
  2. Watch how they open your brochure. Are your strongest messages where their eyes fall?
  3. Is it a “what’s in it forME” layout? There is a big difference between stating your offering and saying it from your customer’s viewpoint. Remember ME is the person reading it.
  4. Omit prices on your brochures to save unnecessary reprints. It is more economical to insert a price sheet within the folds or staple it to the brochure.
  5. To lighten the number of words, convert some sentences to headings or highlighted sections.
  6. Use bullet points where possible, they are more easily read, and skimmers love bullet points.
  7. Include in good quality photos, they can often tell your story without the need for words.
  8. Tell your customers what they can buy from you, don’t be vague, think for them and set out their options clearly.
  9. Give choices, if it is as clear as choosing from packages A, B or C, then say so!
  10. Remember to have at least one call-to-action to encourage a potential customer to contact/purchase from you. A few calls-to-action of course would be even better!

Marketing is all about test and measure, so don’t be complacent. Writing good copy makes a big difference to converting potential customers/clients to your business, and reviewing your brochure well before you need a reprint saves you making last minute

Sherryn McBride is a freelance marketer, workshop presenter and industry trainer. Her knowledge is drawn from 25 years managing national corporations and consultancies. For easily understood marketing talk without breaking the budget or to purchase CDs and ebooks from the “Making Sense of Marketing” series click on http://www.marketingtalk.com.au or http://www.marketingtalkonline.com

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