10 Steps to Enjoying More Success in Sales

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There is no other occupation where you have so much control over what you earn.

Imagine for a moment that we could build the perfect salesperson and it really doesn’t matter what they look like. They could be Mr or Mrs Average but we take them and fill them up with:

  • An unsurpassed knowledge about their products, their customers, and the market they operate in
  • Good healthy doses of integrity, so they would be someone their customers can trust
  • We’d give them a solid amount of work ethic, so they work harder than all the other salespeople
  • We’d throw in some fantastic communication skills, especially listening skills. They would need to be a great listener. They’d ask the customer what they want and listen carefully to the answer
  • We’d make them friendly and approachable
  • Give them great dress sense They would be smartly presented 24/7
  • We would also throw in a few buckets full of resilience, Sales are full of ups and downs, so they would need to be able to bounce back and not take things personally
  • We’d throw in a little dose of a sense of humour
  • Naturally they’d need a huge dose of Selling skills, but they will acquire those because of their work ethic. Instead of watching television at night like all their colleagues, they study how to become better at what they do
  • And last but not least we’d give them an amazing attitude.. a deep down unshakeable conviction that they will win

Now just imagine we unleash this person on your sales environment. Every customer that walks in the place is greeted with enthusiasm, treated with respect and care, is asked carefully about their needs and wants and is expertly guided through your product range. So much so that this person completes more sales than anyone else on the floor, in fact anyone you know.

Would your industry be talking about this person? If there were lucrative job offers going around, do you think this person would attract those offers?

Now imagine for a moment if this person went to management and told them he or she had been given a better offer by another company would your management let them go easily? How could they talk them into staying?

As a salesperson, you have ultimate control over your earnings.

Because all the ingredients that went into and made up our super salesperson if you like are acquirable. You can choose to study and learn them. I guess that that means you can basically predict your own future!

How exciting is that?

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